For anyone curious about day-to-day life at the Big Red Barn, where I live with a handful of fellow homesteader/healer/revolutionaries, check out this 35 min movie from indie film producer Greenneck Living.

It is both a post-apocalyptic comedy and a documentary about our lives: an eclectic combination of people and the strategies we use to try our best to live in harmony with nature and prepare for life after “the fall.”

Here are some reasons you might want to watch this wacky, homegrown flick:

In the first scene, I give a compelling, eerie speech about the future of civilization, reminiscent of the tattoo on my hip.

Future of Civilization

You will also get to experience Jeremiah’s sexy, radical permaculture lesson,

sexy permaculture lesson

A heart-wrenching, cinematographically-pleasing break-up scene (in our kitchen),

BoomBang_Huskeybreak-up scene 2

Grandma Natalie’s homesteading tips and herbal medicine making,

Grandma NatalieGrandma Natalie makin medicine

Jonathan’s golden gardening secret,

liquid gold

And more!

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