Residential Community Resilience Internship – Paonia, CO

Come learn hands-on and community organizing skills for building community resilience while living and working off-the-grid in Colorado’s Western Slopes region. During this 3-month internship (June-August 2017), you will spend approximately 20 hours per week learning and practicing the following skills:

  1. Community organizing and movement building with Transition US, the national hub for the international Transition movement (a network of communities moving away from dependence on fossil fuels toward local resilience), including:
    • Strategies for redesigning our communities to be fossil-fuel free,
    • Best practices for community organizing,
    • National network-building,
    • Collaboration with local government,
    • Writing, blogging, & social media,
    • Fundraising,
    • And more!
  2. Practical Skills for Community Resilience, including:
    • Permaculture and sustainable agriculture;
    • Homesteading (with an emphasis on off-the-grid cooking and food processing);
    • Natural building;
    • Living in community;
    • Holistic health;
    • And more!

Internship is unpaid, but includes housing in a simple mobile tiny house with an outdoor kitchen in a small off-the-grid intentional community near Paonia, CO, a region with the highest concentration of organic farms in the state and abundant access to outdoor recreation. The internship program has a strong emphasis on professional development and mentorship (resume and networking support, professional and community organizing skills –ex: meeting facilitation, project management, event planning, etc.—livelihood creation, and more). Intern will also have an opportunity to participate in the first-ever Transition US National Gathering in Minneapolis, Minnesota in July 2017.

You will be working closely with Marissa Mommaerts, Director of Programs at Transition US, who is also a community resilience consultant, permaculture designer & educator, and radical homesteader (read more at; and with Jeremiah Garcia, a permaculture designer, ecological landscaper, and holistic health practitioner.

Internship candidates should be mature self-starters with a strong interest in moving our society away from dependence on fossil fuels while creating vibrant, resilient local communities. Strong writing, computer, and communication skills; willingness to get your hands dirty; desire to live a low-impact lifestyle, and commitment to personal growth are important qualities for the intern to possess.

To apply, please submit your resume and a 1-2 page cover letter detailing your interest in the position and relevant experience to by March 15th, 2017. Interviews will be conducted in April 2017 and a decision will be made by early May 2017.


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