A Permaculture Love Poem

By Jeremiah Paul Garcia

Come with me to the Fertile Edge

where I immerse myself into the culture of the living people!

Where the trees and the beloved are vital and free,

fearlessly expressing their love to thee.


Let me take you to the Waters

where the people believe

in trust, and just action

to carry their dreams to be,

Like the currents flowing majestically beneath the sequoia tree,

the sempre stewards of the continuity

for the common unity

between Mother Earth and Earthling.


Show me the Fertile Edge

at the precipice of nihilist denial and reverent reason

I invite you in

follow my soft lips, as I tell you to come


with me

Hold my hands

and grasp deep.


Next to the creek bed and under a canopy

sweet dew drops fall at our feet

Breathe with me as I take a deep breath

Entering your lungs

Holy is the feeling of crisp and fresh

and my flesh and your flesh.


In separate vessels,




Sweet Resonance.


Come with me to the Fertile Edge,

Come with me.